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2007 News

10/2007 CME, emerging in the emerging world -- Africa, Asia and Latin America

10/2007 What doctors think of pharma funding

10/2007 Spain's accreditation system is reaffirmed

10/2007 CME mandatory in Iran -- At least for doctors in private clinics

2006 News

11/27/2006 Can Physicians Self-Assess? Not Very Well.

11/27/2006 European Respiratory Specialists Differ on Internet CME Preferences

10/22/2006 What's Happening in European CME Accreditation?

03/28/2006 The French CME System is Finally Underway

03/28/2006 CME in Spain and Italy Revisited

03/28/2006 What Will Europe's GPs Do to Get CME Credits?

03/28/2006 Is CME Becoming International? A Viewpoint From Europe

2005 News

11/05/2005 AMA New Policy Change

11/05/2005 CME Now Required in Lithuania

11/05/2005 Research and Development Resource Base (RDRB) Information and Survey Results

05/20/2005 Brazil Starting Mandatory CME for Specialists

05/20/2005 Netherlands Finalizes its Mandatory CME

03/22/2005 Brazil: Emphasis on Family Health

02/15/2005 CME and CME Accreditation in 5 Major European Countries

01/21/2005 Spreading the Word: CME - Home and Abroad; Telehealth Connections

2004 News

12/17/2004 Canadians Tightening CME Standards

11/20/2004 European GPs Push for Improved Quality

11/20/2004 Netherlands Moves to Uniform CME Accreditation


WMA Issues New Guidelines Relationships Between Physicians and Commercial Enterprises


ACCME Formally Approves Updated Standards for Commercial Support, Provides Guidance to U.S. CME Providers

10/01/2004 E-CME Continues to Build Around the World

10/01/2004 Mandatory CME Is on Slow Track in France

10/01/2004 Thailand: CME Required for Relicensure

09/01/2004 Malta's CME System - With No Distance Learning!

08/01/2004 How Doctors Want to Learn - But Do They Learn?

08/01/2004 Progress Toward Harmonizing Medical Education in Europe

08/01/2004 Family Physicians Now Have an International CME Certificate

08/01/2004 The Global Pharma Picture: The Good and the Bad

07/10/2004 e-CME Use Increases, But Physicians Still Prefer Other Methods

06/01/2004 Germany Mandates CME for Ambulatory Care MDs

06/01/2004 Congress 2004: Will CME Change Direction in US?

06/01/2004 Opportunities for Medicare-Related CME

06/01/2004 Speedy Turnaround in Latin America

05/01/2004 New ACCME Standards: Will They Benefit Doctors?

05/01/2004 How Complex is the European Accreditation System? Very!

05/01/2004 Largest Ever CME for GPs in Mexico

05/01/2004 Mandatory CME in France on the Way -- Slowly

2003 News

06/02/2003 BMJ Focuses on Doctors and the Drug Industry

03/15/2003 AMA CME/CPPD Pilot Projects Underway

03/03/2003 France Exploring Issues of Professional Competence

01/23/2003 New IT Network Will Serve All UK physicians

01/23/2003 Will Global CME Follow Global Pharma?

2002 News

09/29/2002 DTC on the Agenda Again for the EU Parliament?

09/05/2002 New Technology Boosts Learning, Says Doctors Leader

08/13/2002 Opportunities and Constraints in the European Market

07/15/2002 Canadians Ready for Major Health-Care Change

07/15/2002 DTC Growing in Acceptance

06/27/2002 The Epidemiology of Physician Learning

06/27/2002 GP Learning Styles and Risk-Taking Propensities

06/27/2002 Do Personal Education Plans Help in CPD?

06/25/2002 Is Self-Regulation of Promotion in the UK Pharmaceutical Industry Working?

06/11/2002 New UK Direction for Delivering Patient Care: Clinical Networks

05/28/2002 Will European CME Bypass National Accrediting Bodies?

05/28/2002 ACCME Approves a CME-Internet Policy

05/21/2002 The Latest on Continuing Education in Germany

05/15/2002 American Board of Surgery Extends Competence/CME Requirements

04/19/2002 PhRMA Adopts New Marketing Code

04/17/2002 UK Nurses, Pharmacists to Prescribe for Chronic Diseases

04/16/2002 The Development of Telemedicine in the CME in Russia

03/27/2002 Off-Label Drug Information Still a Problem

03/27/2002 Physicians Open to E-Detailing

03/24/2002 Barcelona Med School Certifies Health Websites

03/22/2002 Framework for Establishing Substantial Equivalency

03/19/2002 Kaiser Permanente Physicians Prefer Traditional CME

03/13/2002 GAME Founder Honored for Lifetime Editorial Achievement

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