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Germany Mandates CME for Ambulatory Care MDs
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Early this year the German legislature adopted a long- term program of mandatory continuing medical education for 120,000 ambulatory care physicians (GPs and some others in office/clinic practice). Over 5 years, a GP must obtain 250 hours of accredited CME; if not, his patient care reimbursement will be reduced.

The system will be administered through 23 regional medical boards. These will accredit providers, and in some cases programs, according to the federal law. There are six categories of credit, ranging from lectures to self-study. Since the European Accreditation Council on CME was formed by specialists, the German credits for GPs probably won't be universal for other European physicians. What about the other 230,000 German physicians - mostly specialists? The assumption is that they will keep up through their specialty societies, some of whom have voluntary re-certification programs.

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