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CME in Spain and Italy Revisited
WentzMiller & Associates Global CME Newsletter
Reported by Helios Pardell, MD and Alfonso Negri, MD


Spain's system of voluntary CME has been working well in mostly regions of the country. In Italy, much progress has been made since its mandatory continuing education for professional system was started in 2002 -- also on a regional basis.

Now both countries are re-examining the process and considering changes. Among the key issues in both countries:

  1. Distance learning, which has not been regularly accredited in Europe, partly because the European Accreditation Council for CME has not accepted the idea
  2. Increased regulation of commercial support, which to date has simply indicated that programs should be free of bias
  3. Accrediting providers instead of, or along with, accrediting programs, which has been the European standard

CME providers from outside those countries may be looking more carefully at distance learning opportunities. Even EACCME is seriously considering including these in the accreditation process.

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