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Brazil Starting Mandatory CME for Specialists
Wentz/Miller & Associates Global CME Newsletter

Effective in April 2005, all specialists in Brazil (about 35% of total doctors) are subject to mandatory revalidation every 5 years, through a resolution adopted by the Federal Medicine Council (CFM).

CFM and the Brazilian Medical Assn. (AMB) set up a joint commission to determine implementation. Their current proposal, open for public comment, calls for 100 CME credits over 5 years, of which 50% can be acquired through distance learning (but one hour of distance learning is worth only 0.5 credit).

AMB will be responsible for content of CME courses, through its 52 speclalty associations. A commission has been set up to approve educational programs. For those starting January 2006, submissions are required by September 5 2005.

Contributed by Raul Cruz Lima ()

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