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France Exploring Issues of Professional Competence
Dr. Hervé Maisonneuve

In France, the minister of Education and the minister of Health Care have appointed Professor Yves Matillon to lead an explanatory mission on professional competencies in various healthcare professions.

  • What elements make up this competence?
  • Can they be evaluated?
  • What methods are to be used, considering the French and foreign experiences in this context?
  • What are the responsibilities of the professional organizations that are to be involved in carrying out this evaluation?

These questions require precise and concerted answers that will enable the development of ambitious policies for the continuous improvement of healthcare quality, including the competence of health professionals.

This mission should examine the framework and methods that could be used to determine the ways and means for an evaluation of professional competence that could be implemented in France.

Dr. Matillon was formerly the director of the Agence Nationale de l'Accréditation et de l'Evaluation en Santé (ANAES) and he will be presenting his work at the next GAME congress June 22-24 in New York City.

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