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European Respiratory Specialists Differ on Internet CME Preferences
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The learning preferences of 160 respiratory specialists from 4 European countries were studied by Prof. C. M. Roberts of St. Bartholomew's and the London School of Medicine and colleagues. They had participated in 10 internet-based learning modules, and generally were enthusiastic about the process, according to his article in Medical Teacher.

The modules were designed to test internet delivery of self-directed learning, social or group learning and use of multi-media. Clinical questions could be sent to a tertiary care specialist; there were case-based quizzes, journal club discussions, audio and video presentations, and Powerpoint lectures. However, there were some technical difficulties reported by the study participants, not all of whom had capability for high-speed internet, video or audio cards, etc.

Were there country differences? A few: UK respondents were less likely to find references helpful and thought learning from the lung-sounds audio module was poor. Both UK and German specialists were less likely to want to participate in discussion than Italian and French doctors. The French were impatient to get answers quickly and were not accustomed to journal club discussions. Italians were generally satisfied! The author concluded that while internet learning was generally accepted, more incentives are needed to get full participation.

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