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Mandatory CME Is on Slow Track in France
Wentz/Miller & Associates Global CME Newsletter

The French CME system that has been 'relaunched' by a November 2003 decree is progressing slowly, reports WM&A associate Hervé Maisonneuve. The 3 national committees (for private practitioners, for hospital doctors, and for not-practicing physicians employed by different public and private bodies) set up in March 2004 should publish reports by the end of 2004. They have been busy, setting up small working groups, but their reports are delayed. Their objectives are to publish guidelines for providers and for a credit-like system. A coordination committee meets regularly.

A public health law, published on August 11th, states that "CME has the objective to improve the knowledge, the health care quality, and the patient's welfare, especially for prevention and public health priorities". Mandatory continuing education has been extended to other health care professionals.

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