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Mandatory CME in France On the Way -- Slowly
Herv� Maisonneuve MD, WMA Associate

The French government mandated CME for all doctors 2 years ago. Finally this year the minister of health appointed 3 committees to propose a CME system by June: 1) for physicians in private practice; 2) for those employed in public hospitals; and 3) for those not in practice administration or insurance. A fourth committee of members from the 3 will coordinate.

The objectives? First, to set rules to accredit public and private providers for 5 years. Second, to set rules for bodies that will do external audits of providers. Third, to list CME topics. Fourth, to define incentives for credits, which might be earned from conferences, clinical audits and tests on journal reading. Regional committees will follow, to implement national decisions. With many players in the field, predicting the outcome is a difficult exercise.

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