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What Will Europe's GPs Do to Get CME Credits?
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General practitioners in Europe have generally been subject to national health authorities for CME credits, in some cases mandated, in others not. Now the Union of European Medical Omnipractitioners (UEMO) is looking at ways to establish a system that would cover the EU.

Dr. Bernard Maillet, head of the EACCME, recently reported that discussions were held with UEMO to consider involving GPs in European CME/CPD through EACCME, taking advantage of its know-how.

However, Dr. Christina Fabian of Sweden, current president of UEMO, says her organization is also considering developing its own CME system in collaboration with Wonca (World Organization of Family Doctors). UEMO has started the process of becoming a legal body under Belgian law. The topic will be discussed further at UEMO's June meeting in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

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