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The Development of Telemedicine in the CME in Russia
Dr. Sharov

Fast improvement of the computer technologies is making available computer telemedicine systems to more and more medical facilities in Russia. Of course, first recipients of the modern technology traditionally were research and health care institutions in Moscow but at present more and more hospitals and CME institutions outside Moscow are becoming owners of their own telemedicine systems. In Chelyabinsk, telemedicine has at least a 10-year history, when first communication bridges to the US physicians have been created due to activities of the "Chelyabinsk-Hanford Project" - a public organization of physicians.

Later the Department of Radiology of the Ural State Medical Academy for Additional Education started to carry our distance CME, and then has individualized tele-CME programs. A joint Ural State Medical Academy for Additional Education - Medical School of the Yale University grant application for telemedicine has been submitted in late 90-ies but the grant was not awarded. At present at least a couple of new telemedicine facilities are about to be launched in Chelyabinsk in the South Ural Railway Hospital and Regional Hospital No.1. They will be connected to the leading Moscow medical institutions and besides consultations CME video conferences are expected to be carried out. International connections are planned, too.

Dr. Vyacheslav Sharov
Associate Professor, Ural State Medical Academy for Additional Education
287 Pobedy 454021 Chelyabinsk Russia

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