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How Complex is the European Accreditation System? Very!
European Journal of Cancer 39 (2003) 2430-8

Does CME in Europe have standard rules and structures? No! So say Drs. K. Vandendael and F. Van Hemelryck, writing on behalf of the Federation of European Cancer Societies in the European Journal of Cancer. "The European Union institutions have no competence in CME," they comment, referring to the European accreditation system established in 2000 by the European Union of Medical Specialists. Instead, CME is a national responsibility.

This decentralized process, "with the national authority having the final word on accreditation of events taking place in its country," has apparently kept many countries from participating in a mutual recognition process of CME credits in the EU, and a duplication of quality evaluation, the authors suggest. The solution? Let professional societies do the quality assurance and have national authorities recognize their credits.

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