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The RDRB at the University of Toronto is a literature database that includes over 14,000 citations to assist educators and health professionals with program evaluation, physician performance, needs assessment and health care outcomes. An RDRB literature search is a valuable resource for CME professionals in creating research proposals, planning innovative educational strategies, or presenting to colleagues.

Information comes from sources such as Medline, Educational Resources Information Centre (ERIC) Cumulative Index to Nursing & Allied Health Literature (CINAHL) and EMBASE, but also includes conference abstracts and other sources.

RDRB literature searches are a long-term benefit and free of charge to Alliance members. In a recent survey sent to those with access, a majority of respondents stated the current speed of a search is acceptable and the information was generally satisfactory. Potential improvements mentioned included links to abstracts and mobile access.

Alliance members can access RDRB by clicking on

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