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AMA CME/CPPD Pilot Projects Underway
Greg Paulos, AMA

The AMA Council on Medical Education has responded to the changing physician practice environment, and the new technology available to assist physician learning and assess clinical performance, by approving two pilot projects: the Self Directed/Self Initiated (SDSI) Learning Internet Pilot and the Performance Measurement Pilot. In both cases, the AMA seeks to learn from participants' real world experience what changes to the AMA PRA rules would, for these activities, demonstrate learning and allow accredited providers to appropriately designate specific types of activities for AMA PRA category 1 credit.

The Internet Pilot has two approved participants, Skolar, Inc. and Up-To-Date, Inc., who, through parallel access to multiple databases, allow physicians to search for specific biomedical and clinical information on the Internet. Two more applicants to this pilot have received preliminary approval from the Steering Committee, and will be announced as soon as the AMA completes their review. The Internet Pilot has moved to the evaluation phase and will be working with all participants on data acquisition and analysis; recommendations for the AMA PRA rules governing this activity are expected by early 2004.

The Performance Measurement Pilot kicked off in late 2002, and applications to participate in the demonstration project are still being received. Due to the greater complexity of this topic, and the pilot's later start date, final recommendations from the Steering Committee will likely follow some time after those of the Internet Pilot.

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