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Physicians Open to E-Detailing
e-solutions from RBH Associates

According to a survey of doctors conducted by RxCentric, more than 9 out of 10 physicians say they will probably participate in e-detailing presentations in the next few months and rate the Internet as the tool for receiving continuing education programs. This represents an increasing preference by doctors for Internet-based sales presentations and is great news for pharmaceutical companies looking for cost-saving detailing measures. Other survey highlights:

  • Some 71percent of the respondents say they have recently participated in a detail presentation over the Internet.
  • More than 90 percent of respondents said they would participate in an online detail presentation over the Internet if they receive an invitation.
  • Online brand presentations gained an equal preference versus an in-person presentation by a pharmaceutical sales representative.

Doctors cited the 24-hour access of Internet programs as a major motivator. Online details average about eight minutes, versus the average of two minutes for the more traditional in-person detailing presentation, according to the report. Additionally, not only is there an extension of quality time via online detailing but on a per minute basis the traditional methods average $100 per minute as opposed to the online detailing methods averaging $12 to $15 per minute. The study is available from

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