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The French CME System is Finally Underway
WentzMiller & Associates Global CME Newsletter
Reported by Hervé Maisonneuve MD, Paris


After many stalled attempts, the French are moving ahead to implement the continuing education system mandated for health professionals several years ago. National CME bodies created in 2004 have set some general rules, and 16 regional organizations will be created by the end of this year.

The medical unions have substantial impact on getting compensation for private practice doctors attending CME events. The Social Security system started to grant 300 EUR for a day of education, and in 2005 10,000 GPs were compensated for an average of 4 days each. There are 110,000 physicians who can claim such payments.

There is a great deal of competition to "run" the system. The medical association wants to be more involved. So does the "haute autorité de santé", which grants CME credits for clinical audits. And the national CME committees and pharmaceutical industry want to play key roles. Providers are not yet organized and pharma is supporting symposia at educational meetings, not yet subject to a future

The regional committees, when established, will start validating CME activities, and will submit the data to the French medical association. The national CME committees will publish the list of credits that are needed, and will start to accredit providers by the end of 2006 -- barring future impasses among government agencies and medical groups.

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