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Netherlands Finalizes its Mandatory CME
Wentz/Miller & Associates Global CME Newsletter

As a requirement of registration and reregistration of three groups of Dutch physicians--specialists, GPs and "social medicine" doctors -- each must record an average of 40 hours of CME yearly for 5 years, effective January 1 2005.

The Accreditation Consultation Body for CME met recently and agreed to set up a joined fully digital system for accreditation of CME activities and registration of credits for each doctor. The basis will be the existing voluntary systems of cardiologists, gynecologists and GPs. Accreditation will remain the responsibility of professional societies; there are no plans for a central CME authority.

The rules for awarding accreditation hours or points are clearly spelled out, and limit such credits to educational parts of a program involving transfer or exchange of knowledge, individual and group training during a program and supervised training in skills during a program. Professionl societies will have discretion in awarding credits for internet education, staff meetings and individual activities such as teaching, preparing and presenting a paper, etc.

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