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CME Now Required in Lithuania
Wentz/Miller & Associates Global CME Newsletter

CME is mandatory in Lithuania. The country's 13,400 physicians have to be re-licensed every 5 years, by documenting that they have been practicing their specialty for a certain defined period and have attended CME/CPD activities for 200 credit hours. Of these, 60% should be courses in universities and 40% lectures, seminars and conferences organized by professional societies together with universities. Physicians who fail to meet the 200-hour requirement may have their licenses suspended.

There is no assessment of physicians needs for CME in Lithuania. For licensing purposes, however, the physician has to provide certificates for courses in his own specialty, and only 20% of conference credit hours may be from other specialties or non-clinical areas such as management, computers, etc.

Conferences are mainly sponsored by pharmaceutical companies, but cannot be included in credit hours for licensing unless there is participation by universities. Payment for courses in universities is changing. Most were financed by the Government and employers but now the majority will be paid by the employer (working institution) and physicians themselves.

Source: Egle Zebiene MD, President, EURACT, Vilnius, Lithuania

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