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Family Physicians Now Have an International CME Certificate
Wentz/Miller & Associates Global CME Newsletter

Now there's a truly global CME program for GPs - the first of its kind to our knowledge. Wonca, the international organization of GP/FP organizations, has announced the Wonca International Certificate in Continuing Medical Education and Continuing Professional Development in Family Medicine. Fortunately, the certificate has a shorter acronym: WIDFM!

The program requires participants to complete 6 out of 8 topics within 3 years:

  1. Women's Health
  2. Stroke
  3. Diabetes Type 2
  4. Palliative Care
  5. Dermatology
  6. Common Cardiological Problems
  7. Hypertension and Heart Failure
  8. Virtual Consulting Room

The last is compulsory, and permits doctors to submit their own cases in areas that may not be covered in "Western" medicine, such as malaria prevention or causes and treatment of diarrhea.

The program is CD based, with video, a pre test, 10 or more case presentations per topic, and a post test. Right now, the program is available only in English and has a tiered pricing system depending on country of residence. See for details.

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