Under Group Leader Laura Muttini, we are creating a group of passionate, forward thinking, and patient-centric educational professionals.  The goal of this SIG is for global supporters and providers of education to positively impact and seek to improve patient health care outcomes by encouraging the patient to be more participatory in, and more responsible for, their own health care. Initiatives include:

  • Create a group of global providers and supporters of educational programs with an interest in:
    • Educating patients and caregivers about disease states that are important to them
    • Engaging patients and caregivers to participate and take an active role in their own health care outcomes
    • Empowering patients and caregivers to be comfortable in a shared-decision making role with their HCP
  • Develop communication channels for members to determine existing patient education activities, share ideas, brainstorm strategies, discuss key issues and global similarities or disparities, via conference calls, online forums, in-person meetings, etc
  • Define foundational patient education and engagement principles and best practices that the SIG will represent

If you are interested in becoming member of this SIG, please vcontact Laura Muttini at . 

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